• Koh Samui Beach Thailand

    Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia and is perfect destination for a holiday. Thailand boasts many great tourist sites and was originally called Siam, but in 1939 the name was changed to its current title.  The language spoken here is Thai and the currency is the Baht. Most Thai people are Buddhist in ...
  • Visit the Cayman Islands

      Nestled in the western portion of the sparkling Caribbean Sea there lays three small, but incredibly scenic isles known as the Cayman Islands. The lush, tropical setting of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac is ideal for a much needed holiday and the chance to see some breathtaking vistas. Situated near the deepest ...
  • Explore the Mayan Pyramids of Guatemala - Mayan Pyramid Tikal

    Imagine trekking through miles of dense jungle, slogging endlessly through the heat, sweat pouring down your face and gnats tormenting any exposed patch of skin. Suddenly you step through the dense foliage and see before you a white stone building rising up and out of sight through the trees above. The ruin is covered in ...
  • A Peaceful Tuscany Villa Holiday - Tuscany in Italy

    In an era where the pace of everyday life is at an all-time high, it can be difficult to find a way to effectively escape and alleviate the stresses of the work week. Most people are granted a handful of holidays over the course of any given year, but various demands of other facets of ...
  • A Kenya Wildlife Safari - Plains of Masai mara

    The thought of being in the middle of nowhere without the likes of Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones scares some people but for me that is the idea of heaven. If I was at home I have to admit I would be pretty lost without my technology, but I would happily sacrifice the technology to ...
  • The Wonders of China - The Forbidden City

    If you are looking to experience a holiday that is crammed with history and culture a China holiday could be just the answer. A China holiday has a lot to offer that should please most people, there is an abundance of amazing scenery, historical landmarks and much more. Many China holidays start at Beijing. Beijing ...