• Explore the temples and trails of Burma (Myanmar)

    Decades of near isolation hid the beauty of Burma from the outside world. Now the lost cities, gilded pagodas and hidden trails of the dragon kingdom are within reach, and the best way to get up close? On foot Burma is bursting with opportunities for walk-exploring. Whether strolling around tourist areas or trekking pine forests ...
  • Take an Icelandic cycling holiday

    Cycling is rapidly growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. You can enjoy the world at your own leisure whilst feeling in total harmony with nature. The demand for cycling holidays is growing in accordance with the hobby itself and Iceland is top on the bucket list for many adventurers. Iceland has ...
  • Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Malaysia

    Do you intend to go eastward for a luxury break this year? Where better than beautiful Malaysia? Originally named Malaya, and part of the British Empire, Malaysia is split into two land masses divided by the South China Sea. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy the lap of luxury one ...
  • Trani - Puglia - Luxury Holidays in Puglia

    Located on the Southern coast of Italy beside the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea, Puglia is a city to remember. With a deep, rich history and over five hundred miles of coastline, taking a luxury holiday to Puglia is a brilliant choice for any discerning traveller. Travel the hills and expansive plains in the ...
  • Portrait photo of a man - Marrakech

    When many of us think of Morocco, sun baked deserts and endless mountains may enter into the imagination. However, Morocco is hardly a desolate landscape suited only for nomadic herders. Perched on the north-western coast of Africa, this country has much to offer both the amateur and professional photographer alike. Morocco combines a rich cultural ...
  • Visit the Maldives

    The enchanting Republic of Maldives features 26 atolls boasting over a thousand islands, of which around 200 are just waiting to be explored. The area also features a well-developed tourist infrastructure, consisting of excellent accommodation options, a wide range of attractions and a vibrant nightlife scene. The Maldives is an excellent place to take part ...
  • Dominican Republic

    If you’re looking for a trip to paradise, you can’t go wrong with a holiday in Dominican Republic. This Caribbean holiday heaven serves up some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see – long pale ribbons that glimmer under blazing sunshine and melt into sparkling azure shores. The Dominican Republic has a smattering ...
  • Bodrum Holidays Where to Stay

    Located in the south west corner of Turkey, sharing a spot in the Aegean Sea with the Greek island of Kos, Bodrum is an exceedingly popular choice with tourists in search of their own piece of sun, sea and sand. With Bodrum holidays, you can be guarantee you will not only have the weather you ...